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for the 2016 Daniel V. Terrell Paper Competition

The Region 4 Assembly, which includes all members of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) in the states of Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, sponsors an annual competition and award for a Younger Member who resides within Region 4. A Younger Member is defined as a member, associate member, or affiliate not over 35 years of age on February 1, 2016.

The award is named after Daniel V. Terrell of the Kentucky Section. He was Dean of the University of Kentucky College of Engineering and President of ASCE on the Society level in 1954. This award is presented annually for the outstanding paper submitted on a topic established by the Region 4 Assembly. The winner of the D.V. Terrell award receives Society and peer acclaim as well as an impressive bronze plaque and cash prize in recognition of the time and effort put into this competition.
If one chooses to enter the Daniel V. Terrell competition, the paper must be submitted to the Terrell Committee, by the entrant’s Section President, by March 1, 2015.


Two (2) papers per Section may be entered in the Daniel V. Terrell Paper Competition. The entrant must then present their paper during the Spring 2016 Meeting of the Region 4 Assembly to be held April 15 & 16 (specific location to be determined).  Financial assistance to travel and attend this meeting (i.e. travel stipend) may be available from the entrant’s Section and/or Branch and should be requested by the entrant to their respective Section/Branch (entrant’s registration and dinner on April 15 is covered by Region 4).  Travel arrangements to the meeting should be coordinated with the entrant’s respective Branch and/or Section.
For additional information on the Daniel V. Terrell competition, please contact your Section Officers or the Committee members noted above.


The Region 4 Assembly of the American Society of Civil Engineers is proud to conduct the Daniel V. Terrell Paper Competition for Younger Members. This prestigious competition has been held for over 60 years and commemorates Dean Terrell's many years of work and service to the Society and especially his leadership in the establishment of the District Council System, the predecessor of the Region 4 Assembly. All members, associate members or affiliates of ASCE who are 35 years of age or less on February 1, 2016, residing in Region 4, are eligible to submit papers in this competition. The following rules are to be observed:
The Daniel V. Terrell competition topic (same as the topic for the society’s Daniel W. Mead Contest) must address professional ethics with respect to the following question or statement:

"When working in a foreign location, what defines the design standard which the engineer can rely on to have met his or her ethical obligation to provide a safe and sound engineering solution or design?"

The following can be used to stimulate, but should in no way limit, the discussion:


  • Engineers today in the global setting must evaluate different design guides, codes, standards and practices that are available to them in the region and select the most pertinent to their specific application that will meet their obligations as a professional Engineer.

  • When evaluating the different codes, standards and quality requirements, how is one to determine the minimum requirements that provide a good balance between local practices versus global best practices?

  • Do the local codes and standards, which may be less stringent than the standards that the engineer is typically accustomed to, meet his or her ethical obligation as the design engineer?


The following rules apply to the Danial V. Terrell Paper Competition:


  • No individual may submit more than one paper in a given year.

  • Please include your ASCE member ID number, your name, and Section/Branch on the paper.

  • The paper shall be of such length that it can be presented orally in not more than fifteen minutes and contain no more than 2000 words.

  • Submit one electronic copy of the paper, preferably a PDF, with a cover letter to your Section President so that he/she can meet the March 1, 2016 submittal deadline. Entrants should coordinate with their respective Section well in advance of the submittal deadline, as the official submittal to the competition must come from the Section. Late submittals will nbe accepted. Each Section is limited to two entries.

  • The paper must be presented orally, by the author, before the Region 4 Assembly at the Spring 2016 meeting to be held April 15 & 16 (location in Tennessee to be determined).


(Contestants are encouraged to seek financial support from their Sections and Branches for travel expenses to present their papers.)

Reference citations of the papers should conform to official ASCE Journal Submission Guidelines, which can be found on the ASCE Publications website: Plagiarism is not acceptable and reference citations will be considered under scoring for Originality.


  • First Place - Bronze plaque (see picture on front) + $500 cash prize

  • Second Place - $250 cash prize



Presentation of Paper - 35%
(Delivery and Effectiveness - 20%, Choice of Words, Literary Style Pronunciation and Enunciation - 10%, Timing - 5%)
Content of Paper - 65%
(Material - 40%, Acquaintance with subject - Scope - 10%, Originality - Independence - 10%, Arrangement - 5%)

While the topic for D.V. Terrell competition is the same as for the Daniel W. Mead Contest, it is not necessary that an entry be made to both competitions.  The deadline for entry into the Society's Daniel W. Mead Contest is February 1, 2016.


For more information on the Mead Contest please go to the ASCE YMG website at:

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