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The Knoxville ASCE Branch recognized Shawn Fitzpatrick as the 2015 Government Engineer of the year and submitted a nomination for Mr. Fitzpatrick to the Tennessee Section as their 2015 Government Engineer of the Year.  Mr. Fitzpatrick is a professional engineer in Tennessee, and has been working with the City of Knoxville’s Engineering Department for almost 20 years.  His years of service have offered the opportunity to serve our Knoxville community by splitting his time as an engineering designer and manager for close to $50 million in capital improvements projects.  Mr. Fitzpatrick takes pride in his work and the position he holds as a steward for the taxpayer’s dollar. In the past three years, Mr. Fitzpatrick manages professional service contracts for bridge replacements, streetscapes, drainage improvements, new sidewalks, new roadways, slope stabilization, planning studies, building abatement/demolition, and new parks.  He has managed construction contracts totaling $12,626,000 in construction costs with projects that include new roadways, new parks, drainage improvements, and building abatement/demolition.  He conducts in house design for projects for citywide sidewalk replacement, ADA curb cut installation and alley paving.  Mr. Fitzpatrick also managed the City of Knoxville Bridge Program, Sidewalk Safety Program, ADA Curb Cuts Program, as well as Temporary Traffic Control Permits, and the Utility Maintenance and Construction Permits.

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